How CBD can Reduce Social Anxiety

Updated: Oct 20

Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety conditions with significant impairments in day to day life for those who suffer from the disorder. The increased disability, dysfunction and loss of productivity for those who suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD) is unfortunately a product of living day to day life, most times in social settings.

The pharmacological management of SAD remains problematic; only about 30% of subjects achieve true recovery or remission without residual symptoms of social anxiety. It has been found that those who suffer from SAD are more likely to use cannabis than those with other anxiety disorders, in order to self medicate.

However, the relationship between cannabis and anxiety can be contradictory. Most cannabis users reported the reduction of anxiety as their motivations for use. On the other hand, intense anxiety or panic are among the most common undesirable effects of cannabis. Lets talk about how this is possible! The contradicting effects of cannabis reflect the components of the cannabis plant being consumed, smoked or vaporized. Low doses of the most common component of the cannabis plant, delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have relaxing anti-anxiety effects. When the dose of THC increases, this is when you may experience anxious or paranoid feelings. The other components of the cannabis plant influence its pharmacological use; CBD being the most major component with non-psychological effects. A study was held to test the effects of CBD among individuals who suffer from SAD, when publi