Isolation and Precautions During COVID-19

Just wanted to get a quick couple words out on the newest information related to Isolation and precautions during pandemic.

As we accumulate more evidence it is becoming apparent that prolonged isolation is not warranted, as approximately 10 days after symptom onset (non-severe cases), there is a decline in concentration of SARS-CoV-2 replication-competent virus. This information allows us to use a symptom-based strategy. Although, those patients with SEVERE illness may shed longer. At this time, mild to moderate symptomology should quarantine for 10 days post symptom onset and severe cases would isolate out to 20 days. Asymptomatics should isolate for 10 days post PCR positive test for SARS_CoV-2. This approach has an 88-95% confidence limit.

In another large contact tracing study it was shown that exposure to infected person after 6 days post start of infected patients symptoms did not cause the exposed to contract the virus. The interesting fact is that while replication-competent virus was not found in those who are infected. The virus can shed the from nasopharyngeal / upper respiratory tracts for 12 weeks, so even in those with redevelopment of symptoms it was not shown to have the replication competent virus necessary for transmission. In general reinfection is rare, but trends to occur with increased time from initial infection, or symptom onset (>3 months), likely due to waning immunity and genetic drift. As pandemic continues, we may see more reinfection, but