Non-Invasive Aesthetics

Updated: Jun 7

Today’s expert opinion will discuss some of the various types of non-invasive (also minimally invasive) aesthetics available on the market right now. As the name implies non-invasive refers to that which does not invade or cut into the body and Aesthetics refers to a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.

So we have the ability to medically beautify without surgery. Technology is amazing and now patients can achieve increase confidence through beautification of oneself without the needed down time and cost related to surgery. We can do so using the body’s ability to regenerate and eliminate without injection or operation. This is not to say that surgery and new surgical technologies aren’t keeping pace with the more holistic organic non invasive procedures. So let’s explore some of the non-invasive aesthetic procedures available right now.

Sculpture a non-invasive body contouring handles stubborn fat in areas such as the belly, flanks (love handles), back (bra fat), inner and outer thighs, triceps and also handles the gobbler fat under the chin. These trouble spots are the ones resistant to diet and exercise. Usually needs three sessions on an area. The best results come after careful consultation with your health professional. It is also usually well tolerated with minimal discomfort and no down time. Results seen within six weeks as the body evacuates destroy fat cells through the lymphatic system. Optimal results at 12 to 14 weeks. The destroyed fat cells do not regenerate. This treatment combined with the later described Flexure allows for loss of fat and stimulates simultaneously tightening of the