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Medical Marijuana Privacy Laws

There are some that are not supportive of the use of Medical Marijuana; Cannabis has been profiled by many, including the federal government, as a schedule 1 drug for many years.

Can my Record Exclude me from getting my Medical Marijuana Card?

The answer is NO. If you are a permanent or seasonal resident in Florida who has a criminal record, you are NOT prohibited from getting a medical marijuana card. This allows individuals with either misdemeanor or felony convictions, who have qualifying medical conditions, to access medical marijuana for therapeutic needs. You MUST be under the supervision of a licensed Florida marijuana doctor.

Key Concerns of State Medical Marijuana Regulators

The main concern of the state medical marijuana regulators are to ensure the following safety priorities are being met:

  • Prevent the distribution of cannabis to minors

  • Prevent revenue from the sale of medical marijuana from supporting criminal or terrorist enterprises, gangs, or cartels.

  • Prevent the diversion of medical marijuana from states where it is legalized, to states that have not approved medical marijuana. And to prevent legalized medical marijuana from being distributed as recreational or adult-use cannabis in other states.

  • Ensure that legalized medical marijuana is not used as a ‘cover’ for the cultivation and distribution of illegal adult-use marijuana.

  • Prevent violence, and the use of firearms in the cultivation, distribution, and revenue management from legalized medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • Control and reduce instances of impaired driving.

  • Prevent the use of public lands for the cultivation of medical marijuana and protect public health and the environment.

  • Prevent unlawful possession or distribution of medical cannabis on Federal property.

What Information is Contained in the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry?

A very minimal amount of information is saved to the Florida medical marijuana registry. Ever medical marijuana cardholder in Florida must be registered to receive and retain their patient marijuana card.

The Florida patient registration for medical marijuana record will contain:

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Date of Birth

  • Patient Number

  • Weight

  • Gender

  • Address Information

  • The photo that is on your Florida MMJ card

  • A unique card identification number used only when needed by Law Enforcement

  • The date of medical marijuana card issuance in Florida

  • The date of card expiration

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